On The Easel


I am just starting with the general shapes in the background. I masked off the goose head so that the colors don't have to compete with each other


Here I have generally brushed in the tall sedge grasses

I started in the on geese to see how the background stands out

I found the clarity in the brushstrokes are to defined for what I want, so I used the airbrush to soften the background


And back onto the geese. I will paint them at the same time to make sure their colors match

Here I start with the basic colors and shading

I have added the highlights and details in the feathers

Here I have started in on the water. I will start with the general color and rough out some of the reflections


I used a chalk pencil to outline the flow of water ripples

Lastly, I finish adding in reflections and will also focus on highlighting areas in the whole painting

I decided to add some dead bullrushes on the left to bring the color of the geese out for a more uniform painting. FINISHED!!